Embark on a serene journey in Spirit World

Discover the power of mindfulness and meditation in the enchanting realms of the self-care game - Spirit World.

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Creating casual games that nurture mental well-being

Spirit World is a self-care mobile game about becoming a caretaker in a long-forgotten sanctuary for mythical creatures.

Our 7 guiding principles

  1. Players’ wellbeing is the North Star

    Our players need to feel better after they play our games. Every game element needs to contribute to this outcome.

  2. We help our players to create long-lasting habits

    Small acts of self-care are most efficient when performed on a regular basis. We are building products that entice players to come back again and again.

  3. Millions of players will benefit

    As stress, anxiety and depression rates increase every day, we see mental wellbeing as a universal need. We aim to create games that help millions of players around the globe.

  1. Accessibility and insight are not mutually exclusive

    We aim to create products that are easily accessible, yet explore the multi-faceted experience of being a human.

  2. High care and high performance are key

    Happy employees are high performing employees. We focus on creating a safe and nourishing working environment where creativity, collaboration and aspiration can flourish.

  3. We depend on each other

    Whatever the challenge we face, we can always reach out to others. We know that our actions affect the whole company, we therefore take responsibility for everything we do.

  4. Do or do not, there is no try

    We try out our ideas, instead of musing about them. If it doesn’t work, it is not a failure. It is knowledge we can use in the next challenge.

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